Blanche & Peter outdoors
on one of our many outdoor adventures!

Hello everybody and thanks for visiting my humble website! My name is Blanche and the cute little guy in the photographs is my son Peter.

I first got into food dehydrating about 5 years ago. I was out hiking with a friend of mine and I had brought along some nuts and store-bought jerky as snacks. Dried food makes great snacks for outdoor pursuits as it is lightweight and doesn’t spoil quickly.

My friend had similar food with her but all of hers was neatly packed in little zip-locked bags and she told me she’d made it all herself using a dehydrator. So I went ahead and bought my first one… and it was not very good 🙂

I really enjoy the outdoors and my son and I go on hikes and day trips as often as we can so finding an easy way to make my own dried foods without having to pay outrageous store prices seemed very appealing. However, I didn’t really know much about it and I actually went through several dehydrators over the next few years trying to find one that suited my needs.

So now I have decided to put together this website to help other people who may just be getting started with the awesome hobby of dehydrating food and who need a little guidance.

I’ll also be sharing a load of recipes for jerky and a ton of fruits, vegetables and many other things that you probably would never even have thought about dehydrating!

If I review a product, I’ll also link to the retailer where you can buy it, which will often be Amazon.com. These links are called ‘affiliate links’ and they have a code in them which means that I get a small commission if somebody decides to make a purchase through my link. That is just taken from the original sale price – you don’t pay anything extra of course!