Gourmia GFD1550 Dehydrator Review (Temp)

The Gourmia GFD1550 will assist you in making your everyday cooking healthy. This dehydrator is a great tool to have if you like to cook, garden, hunt, or have a way to store foods safely for extended periods of time.

External Features

Base of the Dehydrator – The base is designed to hold up to five trays along with the lid. You can use all of the trays at once, or one depending on the number things you want to dehydrate at one time.
Digital Controls – The GFD1550 comes with a digital control panel for easy programming. It has an LCD screen, and all you have to do is set the temperature and time. The dehydrator will do the rest of the work.
EasyVue Lid – The EasyVue lid is transparent so you can periodically check on your food while it’s in the dehydrator. This clear lid means no heat will be lost when you check your food, so you’ll get an even finished product.

Internal Features

360 Degree Air Circulation – The Gourmia dehydrator circulates air through all of its trays around 360 degrees to ensure all of your food gets dehydrated evenly. This means you can set it and walk away, with no need to rotate the trays part way through the process.
Automatic Internal Fan – The fan will circulate the warm air throughout your dehydrator for an even all over drying process. This fan is controlled by the control panel that is located at the front of the dehydrator.
Bottom Air Intake Vents – The bottom air intake vents are designed for efficiency. The vents work by pulling air into the dehydrator and pushing it up through the trays. It is a good idea to check that your dehydrator bottom is clear of coverings for it to work properly.
Drying Trays – The five drying trays that come with the dehydrator are durable. They are easy to clean, and you can stack all of them or as few as you need at one time. They are designed to hold your food in place and allow for maximum air circulation.

Additional Features

36 Hours of Work Time – This model of dehydrator will work for 36 hours continuously without a problem. This feature will come in handy if you want to dehydrate meats like jerky.
BPA Free – This dehydrator is BPA free, and this includes the trays where your food is placed. This means that anyone who uses this appliance won’t have to worry about chemical contaminants and possibly getting sick.
Cut and Dry Process – This dehydrator will do almost all of the work for you. All you have to do is cut your food that you want to dehydrate and place it on the trays. Once it is arranged, put the dehydrator together and turn it on.
Large Capacity – The GFD1550 is a larger size device that boasts two quarts capacity. This size means you can dry a large assortment of things in one go.
Versatility. The temperature controls on this food dehydrator mean you can set it for specific groups of foods quickly. Fruits, herbs, meats, and vegetables will turn our great each time you use it.
Wide Range Temperature Settings – This dehydrator’s temperatures have a wide range. They start at 95 degrees Fahrenheit and go up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you will get absolute temperatures to ensure your foods are dried correctly, each time.


Adustable Trays – You can choose to use all of your trays or one depending on the food amount you have to dehydrate.
Compact – This dehydrator is a compact size and runs small compared to most other dehydrators. It is lightweight and will fit even the smallest kitchen.
LCD Display – The LCD display on the front of the dehydrator makes it easy to read the temperatures and times you input.
Quiet – The only sounds this dehydrator makes is a soft humming noise. It can run in the background without any disruptions.


Fragile Trays – The five trays aren’t made to be durable and are prone to cracking.
No Additional Trays – You are not able to add more than five trays at a time, and this means if you have large quantities of food, you will have to do multiple batches.
Not Good for Large Families – This smaller unit won’t work well for large families as it can only do small batches at a time.
Not Dishwasher Safe – No parts of this machine are dishwasher safe. They must be washed by hand in warm water. The exterior and interior have to be wiped down with a damp rag.
Potential for Burns – The trays heat up, as well as along the seals when this is being used, and it can cause burns if you touch it in the wrong spot.

Final Analysis

The Gourmia GFD1550 is an excellent dehydrator for smaller families or an individual who doesn’t have large batches of products to dehydrate. It is quiet and small, so you don’t have to worry about it disrupting you as you go about your day. It is an inexpensive, easy way to have access to healthy dehydrated food on a daily basis. It comes with a one year warranty, so you can try it to see if it fits your lifestyle and send it back if it doesn’t work out. All in all, this is a good product, and a good option for a small dehydrator.

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